We are largely involved in the industrial production of sugar, bulk and speciality chemicals including ethanol & biofertilizers, generation of bio-power, plantation of different types of cane and research activities related to new bio chemicals and drugs.

Our manufacturing plants are located at Sameerwadi, Bagalkot district in Karnataka and Sakarwadi, Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra. We have employed modern technology in our operations, processes & systems. 

Our batch reactors help in product traceability and are traditionally favoured for fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Our continuous reactors on the other hand are more cost efficient, easier to scale up and also safer. We can bridge the gap between laboratory test tubes and commercial scale plants. Whether it’s a bulk chemical or a pharmaceutical intermediate, our plants are equipped to handle thousands of tonnes of product to kilogram scale.

The pilot stage between the lab and full-scale plant demonstrates our processes viability, generate data for scale-up and produce enough product to interest potential customers. Our processes are designed adopting the latest technologies with a focus on safety and environmental performance.