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Crotonic acid is a short chain unsaturated carboxylic acid. The cross-linked copolymeric crotonic acid hydrogels release fertilizers and drugs that help prevent environmental pollution.

It also finds applications as a softening agent in the manufacture of synthetic rubber and alkyd resins to improve the flow characteristics in raw material for paints.


Vinyl acetate-​crotonic acid copolymer are used in laminates shows excellent interlayer adhesion and scratch resistance.

This chemical also appears under: Adhesives and Lubricants, Flavours, Personal Care and Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical

Technical Overview

1 Appearance Clear Colourless Liquid
2 Assay (%) Min 99.50
3 Acidity as Acetic Acid (%) Max 0.010 (Cosmetic Grade)
Max 0.100 (Technical Grade)
4 Moisture (%) 0.50
5 Specific Gravity @ 20 0C 1.004 – 1.007