Plastics, Paper and Resins


Acetaldehydes are used as intermediates in the manufacture of resins and plasticizers because of their high chemical reactivity


Crotonaldehyde is a colourless liquid synthesised by the aldol condensation of aldehyde, accompanies by dehydration. It can be polymerised to a resin with film forming properties or copolymerised with many compounds.


Vinyl acetate-​crotonic acid copolymer are used in laminates shows excellent interlayer adhesion and scratch resistance.

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Plasticizers, solvents and resin. These components form the backbone of the plastics, paper and resin industry we use everyday and we have a hand in making them all.

The Plastic Industry needs high quality, lightweight and high performance materials. Our additives improve the processing and product properties of plastics through the processing cycle. Further, they enhance the end-use performance for instance impact resistance, heat, aging and transparency.

Our products manufactured from bio-based renewable resources are approved by ECOCERT GREENLIFE and conforms to the ECOCERT Natural and Organic Cosmetics standard.

We are committed to giving plastics and resins an Eco touch. Through Bio-plastics we are contributing to the sustainability of plastics used in packaging applications.