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Sodium Sulphate is recovered as a co-product and allows us to take our step towards conserving nature.

Packing: HDPE Drums, ISO tank.


One notable use for sodium sulphate compound is in the Kraft process, also known as the sulphate process, of wood pulp manufacturing which is widely used to make paper products and building supplies. Although other processes are now used, the Kraft process has been the dominant method of wood pulping since the 1940s.The technology involves impregnating wood chips with sodium sulphate; the wood is heated, causing a reduction of the sodium sulphate into sodium sulfide. This breaks the bond in the cellulose of the wood, making it malleable and able to be extruded.

This chemical also appears under: Personal Care and Cosmetics, Textiles and Leather

Technical Overview

Product          :Sodium Sulphate
CAS Number : 7757-82-6

Appearance Off White Powder
Assay (Wt %) Min 99.00
Loss On Drying (Wt %) Max 0.50
pH (10% Solution) 7.0 – 9.5