2-Ethyl-1,3 hexanediol

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2- ethyl-1,3 hexanediol is a colourless thick viscous liquid which has applications in the plastic and resin industry as a plasticizer. It is also used in ink formulations where it increases the penetration properties of ink on paper.

Packing: HDPE Drums, ISO tank


Ethyl Hexanediol is used to dissolve other substances, usually liquids, in cosmetics and personal care products. Ethyl Hexanediol is used in the formulation of hair tonics, dressings, and other hair grooming aids, and cleansing products.

This chemical also appears under: Adhesives and Lubricants, Paints & Coatings, Packaging and Printing inks, Textiles and Leather, Agriculture

Technical Overview

Product           :2-Ethyl-1,3-hexanediol
CAS Number   :94-96-2

Appearance Colourless to Pale Yellow Liquid
Assay (%) Min 98.00
Acidity as butyric acid (%) Max 0.50
Moisture (%) Max 1.00