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We are a pioneer in introducing vegetable wax commercially into the market. Naturowax&reg is a vegetable wax that replaces Carnauba Wax. It is a natural hard wax mainly consisting of high molecular weight esters, polyesters and fatty acids. Due to its mixed combination of these linear structures, Naturowax&reg has many desirable properties; its high melting point, low viscosity and excellent hardness at elevated temperatures provide superior performance in a variety of applications.


Used in lipstick, mascara, moisturising creams and sunblock. It has a high melting point which gives strength and durability to Lipsticks/Chapsticks in harsh conditions. A very useful application for waxes is in investment casting. In the "lost wax" method of casting jewellery, and other industrial products, a wax model of the piece is made and used to create a clay mould. The wax is melted out and the clay is used to cast the final piece.

This chemical also appears under: Food & Beverage, Paints & Coatings, Packaging and Printing inks, Plastics, Paper and Resins, Pharmaceutical, Textiles and Leather, Adhesives and Lubricants