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We understand sustainability and hence our mining frother SOMFROTH ® is manufactured from renewable raw material. As a replacement for pine oil & Methyl Isobutyl Carbinol (MIBC), it sharply improves the properties of the froth. A complete ecofriendly solution for mining application aiming to reduce the usage of other mining chemicals. Biodegradability and non-hazardous nature makes SOMFROTH ® unique in every aspect.

Packing: HDPE Drums, ISO tank, IBC



1. Effective for increasing grade & recovery of chalcopyrite & bornite ores. 

2. Efficient for difficult to recover copper sulphide minerals such as chalcocite & covellite. 

3. Possesses slight collecting property which may help in reduction of collector dosage. 


1. Grade & recovery enhancement with reduced dosage for Lead-Zinc ores. 

2. Equally effective in bulk as well as differential Lead-Zinc flotation. 

Precious Metals

1. Efficient flotation recovery of precious metals associated with base metals. 

2. Useful in effective separation of gold from sulfide. 

ores Iron

1. Improved recovery of iron from low grade ores & slimes. 

2. Equally efficient in direct & reverse flotation techniques.


Also available in 50%, 60% and 70% grades. test

Technical Overview

Product     :SOMFROTH

Appearance Yellow Liquid
Total Assay as C4 Alkoxy Alkane (%) Min 95.00
Total Assay as C4 Alkoxy Alkane with polymer (%) Min 99.00
Flash Point (0C) > 60