Fruity Note



Acetaldehyde diethyl acetal has a ethera, green, nutty odour and imparts a fruity note in the fragrance indusrtry


Crotonic anhydride is used to make chemicals that have radiant, floral- fruity, rosy odour. It can synthesise Damascones and make perfumery for soaps, cosmetics, and toiletries to give naturalness and freshness

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Fragrances are a harmonious combination of ingredients essential to lend smell to food, pharmaceutical, personal care, fabric care and household care products. Chemical compounds are used as additives in fragrance configurations to create the fresh scent of lime in household cleaning products and top notes to fine perfumes. Today fragrances are present in the most expensive products to cheapest and play a key role in the marketing of the product.

Our chemicals for the industry set the standard of reliability and quality.