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Ethyl crotonate is a clear colorless liquid soluble in water and is used as a solvent for cellulose esters as well as a plasticizer for acrylic resins. It is known for its pungent odour.

Packing: HDPE Drums, ISO tank.


Ethyl Crotonate is pungent fruity ester. It has a sharp, rum- and cognac-Iike, pineapple, fruity Mosciano odor.

This chemical also appears under: Fragrance, Pharmaceutical, Plastics, Paper and Resins

Technical Overview

Product               :Ethyl Crotonate
CAS Number      :623-70-1

Appearance Clear colorless liquid
Assay (%) Min 99.00
Acidity as Crotonic Acid (%) Max 0.50
Moisture (%) Max 0.50
Relative Density @ 25 0C 0.910-0.930