Adhesives and Lubricants


3-Methoxy Butanol is a colourless, neutral liquid with a mild odor solvent used to achieve special effects through it good dissolving power, drying time and flow.


Crotonic acid along with a copolymer of vinyl acetate is used as an industrial adhesives. It is a moisture-sensitive adhesive and is used to give finishing effects in the textile and hat industries.


Ethyl acetate based solvent adhesives exhibit a stronger bond strength and a higher resistance to peeling.

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We provide key ingredients and solutions for adhesives, sealants and binders. Our chemicals enable manufacturers of adhesives to develop performance products for various applications that need flexibility, superior bond strength and much more. 

We serve the lubricant industry with a range of raw materials based on renewable resources. We understand the chemistry in its application, and provide a product portfolio that delivers performance every time.