Early Childhood Education (Preschool)

Investing in childhood education

Anganwadis: Somaiya Shisuvihar

Early childhood education is an important step in rural development, as this gets young children, who know only with the tribal language familiar with the language in which education is taught.

With a mission to provide nutrition value to under- privileged children in the age group of 0-6 years, we have joined hands with the State Governments to support Anganwadi Project. We support 20 Anganwadi Centres called SOMAIYA SHISUVIHAR in different villages in Bagalkot and Belgaum districts of Karnataka for value based education to the kids of 3 to 5 years of age.We provide teaching materials and toys, honorarium to volunteers, training to teachers as well as monitoring to ensure that classes are held regularly.

More than 2000 kids are benefited annually.
Somaiya Shishuvihar (Anganwadicentres)

" I am Arjun, our main source of income is agriculture and agricultural wages. Have 3 kids one is in 2nd standard and two are in pre primary. We stay in a farm house. "

My son studied in SomaiyaShishuniketan and my two daughters are studying in the same centre. This centre is very useful to me and surrounding families as we do not have any Govt. pre primary school nearby. The distance of GovtAnganwadi is almost 3 km from my house. It is very difficult for us to send our kids to Govtpre schools as it would be very difficult for us to drop and pick up everyday as we have to work in the fields. We are benefitted by this centre and are grateful to Sameerwadi factory.

Mr. Arjun M. Daddimani

  • Age : 32 years
  • |
  • Occupation: Agriculture
  • |
  • Village: Handigund village in Belgaum dist of Karnataka.
  • |
  • Qualification: 3rd class

I am Ningappa doing agriculture. I have 4 kids, out of which two kids are studying in the Somaiya pre primary school and another two kids are of below 3 years.

Somaiya School is useful to us as we do not have any Govt. pre primary school nearby. We are happy that, my two kids are now studying as I am illiterate.

Mr. Ningappa S. Byakod

  • Age : 30 years
  • |
  • Occupation: Agriculture
  • |
  • Village: Kesaragoppa village in Bagalkotdist of Karnataka.
  • |
  • Qualification: Nil