About Us

We are a biorefining company that produces sugar, other foods, biofuels, chemicals, power, compost, waxes, and related products, using sugarcane as the primary feedstock. Our aim is to engage in research and innovate by continuously making new products and entering new markets in order to derive the maximum value from our feedstock. Our research areas include sustainable farming, transformation of biomass (chemical, mechanical and biological), product development, and process optimization. Founded in 1939, we have been pioneers in the growing, processing, and utilization of biomass to make a wide variety of products.

We are now working on the next generation bagasse-based biorefinery and also the biotransformation of sugar to biopolymers.

We work closely with over 20,000 farmers in over 200 villages, applying scientific, agricultural and technological solutions to our cane development program. In close collaboration with K. J. Somaiya Institute of Applied Agricultural Research (KIAAR) at Sameerwadi, our scientists and agriculturists help farmers employ best practices that enable environmental and financial sustainability over the short and the long term.

We manufacture, pack, and distribute sugar to retail, industrial and export customers. Launched in October 2014, Jivana, our retail brand, aims to provide good quality foods to Indian homes whilst uplifting lives of the farmers who nurture these products from the start. All Jivana products are responsibly grown and harvested.

Using molasses, a by-product of sugar production, as a feedstock, we are among the larger producers of ethanol in India. A pioneer in the use of ethanol as a feedstock of the production of chemicals, we make various chemicals, such as acetaldehyde, ethyl acetate, crotonaldehyde, MPO, paraldehyde. Our products are used in thousands of everyday products including adhesives, solvents, inks, flavours, plastics, and several others.

Our research center is recognised by the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR). We believe that using renewable agricultural feedstock is fundamentally different from using fossil resources. In the use of fossil resources, the earth always has less of what it had before, after the use. In the use of renewable feedstock cultivated from the earth, good planning can ensure that the earth has the ability to generate resources and regenerate itself.

The company invests a lot of its time and resources in working with the community, furthering education, healthcare and rural development.

Key Figures

Consistent Performance over 15 years

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The company has started inviting fixed deposits. The Application Form along with the DPT 1 i.e. Circular in the form of advertisement inviting deposits is enclosed herewith.

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Our Manufacturing

We are largely involved in the industrial production of sugar, bulk and speciality chemicals including ethanol & biofertilizers, generation of bio-power, plantation of different types of cane and research activities related to new bio chemicals and drugs.

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Quality Policy

Quality Performance is a commitment to excellence. It is achieved by teamwork and a process of continuous improvement. Quality is what we think, act and believe in. 

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Value Chain

Building value at every step. Adding value to our feedstock  by converting it into useful products through physical, chemical or biological means.

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Awards & Certifications

We take our work seriously, and take great pride in the acknowledgment through awards and certificates. We are proud to have earned a wide range of certifications from governments and independent industry organizations. We are most proud, however, of the awards we have received from our customers.

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